Kennedy Cameron Wins Young Leader of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that Kennedy Cameron (they/them), our Student Financial Aidlogo for community awards Liaison, has been named Young Leader of the Year at the Annual Community Awards! Kennedy has been a huge asset to the United Way of Clallam County team since they began working with us in October of 2022 and we are so happy to see them publicly recognized for all their hard work and ingenuity. 

Young Leader of the Year is awarded to an individual age 18 - 39 who exemplifies a commitment to the health and future of our community. The award recognizes exceptional leadership, good works, and community service, including acts that go far above and beyond a job in community service.

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In 2022, the Washington State Legislature identified Clallam County as one of a handful of counties whose completed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) rates were below state standards. Peninsula College received state funds to increase this completion rate and partnered with United Way of Clallam County to develop a brand-new program to do so. Kennedy was hired to develop and execute this program.

Despite the uncertainty and lack of structure that often accompanies program development, Kennedy was never phased. As someone who grew up in Port Angeles, they quickly re-established their connections within the local schools, developed a strong partnership with Peninsula College, and reached out to organizations outside Clallam County to share ideas and best practices.  

Kennedy has provided support and resources to all the high schools in Clallam County, the Boys & Girls Club, WorkSource, individuals, and more. Kennedy is strongly committed to equity and inclusion in their work, making sure their presentations include all kinds of post-secondary educational opportunities, not just college, as well as multiple funding sources. Kennedy is helping make post-secondary education accessible to all who want it, ensuring that each individual's future, as well as our county's, are strong. 

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More About Kennedy's Work

One of Kennedy's greatest achievements in the past 14 months has been the creation of a Student Financial Aid Day Camp. In partnership with Peninsula College, Kennedy led the creation of the day of programming targeting high school students. Not only did the day include informational presentations on funding for post-secondary education, but the participants also got a taste of what it's like to be on a college campus. Participants left inspired by possibilities for their future and with tangible actions to make their dreams a reality. After the day camp, one grateful parent shared, "My daughter loved it! I cannot think of anything to make it better."

Kennedy also presented to the PA School District leadership and later to the entire school district staff, on the topic of Gender Inclusive Schools. Kennedy's presentation style, well-researched content, and graceful and kind engagement with audience questions allowed attendees to get the information they needed to make their classrooms, and our entire district, more open to students and their needs. 

Learn more about the Gender Inclusive Schools training below:

Student Financial Aid

Learn more about Kennedy's work and how to can access financial aid for ongoing education below: