For Resilience Month 2020, we are offering a series of trainings:

In conjunction with Kitsap Strong, we have offered two different types of training:


 “That what I thought was a normal way of dealing with what I went through impacts my children” ~Event Participant


Our NEAR science and trauma informed trainings demonstrate evident self-proclaimed growth of understanding about ACEs by participants.  An example of the participant data is shown above. 


“These things happen to you, but they don’t have to define you” -Event Participant
By collectively teaching accessible neuroscience, epigenetics, and public health research to community members, we are simultaneously valuing individual knowledge acquisition and autonomy while stating the need for community responsibility and sharing the actions we are taking to towards meeting them. 
It might be evident to those who work with children, or in social services every day, that adverse childhood experiences can negatively affect health throughout the lifespan. It is significant to share the breakthroughs in research on how brain development occurs and the impacts of trauma on health and social skills.  This research has led to innovative and effective trauma sensitive approaches in healthcare, education, human services, public safety, and workforce development.