This page is for registered hikers who are logging hikes.

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Go the Extra Mile


New this year! We will present a grand prize to one person in each of the following categories:

  • Most Hikes Completed
  • Most Miles Hiked
  • Most Elevation Gained

To "Go the Extra Mile" simply fill out the log in your registration packet or using the form below whenever you complete a hike. You do not have to track all three categories, but we ask that you track each hike using an objective measurement tool such as a smart watch, hiking app, etc. 



Log a Hike


This form is for hikers who are Going the Extra Mile and logging their hikes with us. Hikes may be logged below, on the paper form you received in your registration packet, or a combination of both. 

Please note:

  • You do not have to complete every field. For example, you may log the hike number (first hike, third hike, etc.) and total mileage but not elevation. 
  • Please log all hikes by August 2 end of day. 
  • Paper logs may be sent to katie@unitedwayclallam.org
  • Only one person will win in each category. If the same person logs the most hikes AND the most mileage, they will be recognized for one and the next closest person will be chosen for the other category.

Questions? Contact katie@unitedwayclallam.org

Add up to 3 photos taken during the hike.
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See You On The Trails!