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Local Proclamations: October is Resilience Month!

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Recorded Events from Resilience Month 2021:

Keynote Address: Reopening, Reorienting, and Navigating Unknowns
by Dr. Kira Mauseth, WA State Department of Health

Virtual Event, Hosted by The Clallam Resilience Project

Dr. Kira Mauseth is a practicing clinical psychologist who splits her professional time between seeing patients at Snohomish Psychology Associates, teaching as a Senior Instructor at Seattle University and serving as a co-lead for the Behavioral Health Strike Team for the WA State Department of Health. She also serves on the state’s Disaster Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC). Her work and research interests focus on resilience and recovery from trauma as well as well as disaster behavioral health. She has worked abroad extensively in disaster response and with first responders and health care workers throughout United States. Dr. Mauseth also conducts trainings and provides presentations to organizations and educational groups about disaster preparedness and resilience building within local communities.

This presentation will cover:

  • Behavioral health considerations and navigating the unknowns during recovery.
  • Information about the physical and neuro-chemical processes at work that influence our behavior in disaster recovery.
  • Strategies for improving healthy boundaries, self-efficacy, and active coping.
  • The PEACE model for active, practical resilience building

View Recording of this event here:



NEAR is Here: People Helping People
Virtual Event, Hosted by NOLS

Explore how bodies, behaviors, and choices intersect with the NEAR sciences (neuroscience, epigenetics, ACES, and resilience).  Increase your knowledge of community resources and resiliency building efforts and activities. 

Presentation is provided by: Mel Melmed RN, MPH, MSN  (she/her), Port Angeles Healthy Youth Coalition;  Kaelan Gilman (she/her), Clallam Resilience Project; and Minnie Whalen (she/her), Clallam Resilience Project

View Recording of this event here:



NEAR is Here: Family Training
Virtual Event, Hosted by NOLS

Join parents and families for a 45 minute, evening NEAR sciences (neuroscience, epigenetics, ACES, and resilience) training.  How can NEAR sciences foster connection and nurture hope during these difficult times? 

Presentation is provided by: Bonnie Schmidt, parent and Educator & Amanda Sanders, parent and Parent Educator with Lutheran Community Services

View Recording of this event here:



NEAR is Here: Supporting Care and Partnerships
Virtual Event, Hosted by OlyCAP & United Way of Clallam County
Join OlyCAP, United Way, and other members of the Clallam/Jefferson LPA (Local Planning Area consists of DSHS, WorkSource, Peninsula College and OlyCAP) in learning about how the NEAR sciences can help us better understand and support our community members, colleagues, and partners. 

Presentation by Dina Geisler (she/her) of OlyCAP and Minnie Whalen (she/her) of The Clallam Resilience Project. 

View Recording of this event here: 
     Part 1: Neuroscience and Epigenetics
     Part 2: Adverse Childhood Experiences
     Part 3: Resilience



Quileute Resilience, Hope, and Healing
Virtual Event, Hosted by NOLS
The presenters will talk about Indigenous resilience through ACES application, community collaboration, and education. There will be time for participants to ask questions and discuss practical approaches to long term generational healing. 

Presentation is provided by: Ms. Ann Penn-Charles and Charlotte Penn of the Quileute Nation.

View Recording of this event here:



NEAR is Here: Education, Health and Wellness
Virtual Event, Hosted by Olympic Peninsula Healthy Communities Coalition

Join Principal Kristi Queen of Helen Haller Elementary School as she presents how NEAR demonstrates the intersections of education, health, and wellbeing.

View Recording of this event here:



NEAR is Here: Cultivating Community Resilience
Virtual Event, Hosted by Peninsula College Studium Generale

Join the Clallam Resilience Project in our culminating 2021 training celebration of Resilience Month, and NEAR is here (Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and Resilience). In our presentation, we will explore the science and impacts of toxic stress on our brains, bodies, behaviors and choices. Learn about and be invited to become involved in cultivating community resilience.

View Recording of this event here: