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High School Equivalency Fund


What: This is an opportunity for individuals facing barriers in the way of completing their GED. United Way of Clallam County board member, Ray Chirayath, came up with a new community impact idea to create a fund that helps individuals work towards obtaining their GED.

Who: Peninsula College and the United Way of Clallam County have teamed up to bring this program to Clallam County. 

Where: The program will be ran and operated via Peninsula College, and should be accessible by individuals wherever Peninsula College offers classes in Clallam County.

When: The program is offered year round through Peninsula College.

Why: Every year approximately 500 students in Clallam County sign-up to work towards completing their high school equivalency and only about 10% actually fulfill those requirements. Some of these students stop working for a multitude of reasons, such as, family needs, transportation and childcare. The fund will allow students to apply for assistance to pay for things like bus passes, utility bills, and child care so that they can continue towards their goal of receiving their high school diploma. Obtaining your GED can be all the difference in someone's life, and on average leads to earning $10,000 more each year while also being qualified for more jobs. 


Contact the United Way of Clallam County for more details about how to get signed up!

Phone: (360)457-3011